Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy:
  • Address: Varna, 9002, 73 Vasil Drumev str.
  • Phones: +359 (52) 632 015; +359 (52) 552 222
  • Phone (conference): +359 (52) 552 243
  • Website:
  • E-mail: artdef [at]
How to get to Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy from:
  • Bus station Varna – bus #148
  • Railway station Varna – bus #9, #51, #109
  • Airport Varna – bus #409

For more information, timetables and real-time bus traffic, visit the following websites – Masov Gradski Transport Varna or Varna Traffic.

If you have time, we recommend you to visit some of the wonderful sights of Varna. Here is a list of a small part of them:

Dolphinarium - Varna

Dolphinarium Varna is a unique attraction in Bulgaria. It is located in the northern part of the Varna Sea Garden, overlooking the sea.

It was opened on August 11, 1984 and is one of the symbols not only of Varna but also of Bulgarian tourism.

Address: Dolphinarium Varna, Primorski Park, Saltanat district, 9000, Varna

Website: Dolphinarium - Varna

Cathedral 'Holy Assumption' - Varna

The Cathedral of Varna is one of the symbols of the city. It is located on St. Cyril and St. Methodius Square in the center of Varna. The first stone in the construction of the temple was laid by Prince Alexander I Battenberg (1857-1893) in 1880.

The foundations were laid by the Odessa architect Maas, and the building itself was designed by the municipal architect P. Kupka.

During the construction itself, the masters worked on the model of the St. Peter's Church in St. Petersburg, using local materials. The roof and the domes are lined with copper sheet. The construction of the temple was completed in early October 1885.

Address: St. Cyril and St. Methodius Square 1, Varna

Sea Garden - Varna

After the Liberation, in 1881, Mayor Mikhail Koloni was the first to raise the issue of creating a city garden (behind the Theater) and a modern seaside park. The activity of M. Coloni and his associates quickly gave results - the garden soon reached 26 decares, the first 130 trees were planted, the paths were repaired.

The Sea Garden is one of the symbols of the city of Varna. It has located its beautiful and cool alleys along the entire promenade in the city. Characteristic of the Sea Garden are the maintained beautiful garden areas, quiet alleys, beautiful diverse natural vegetation and many cultural monuments located on its territory. The impressive central entrance of the Sea Garden, shaped with columns, was built in 1939 by the chief architect Georgi Popov.

Website: Sea Garden - Varna

Varna Zoo

Varna Zoo is a favorite place of Varna residents and guests of the city. It manages an area of 23 acres. It has over 60 species, represented by about 300 animals. The zoo attracts with its coquettishness due to rich vegetation, originally designed lawns, beautiful cascading lakes, which are home to different species of waterfowl. Apart from being a place for recreation and entertainment for children and adults, the zoo plays a role in providing and preserving native and exotic animals, including rare and protected species.

Address: Varna, Saltanat 5 (in the Sea Garden between the Pantheon and the Dolphinarium)

Website: Varna Zoo

Museum of Archaeology - Varna

The Museum of Archaeology in Varna was founded in 1887 by the brothers Karel and Herman Škorpil (archaeologists and scientists of Czech-Bulgarian origin, founders of Bulgarian archaeology and museum work). The building in which it is housed was built in 1892-1898 for a school - Girls' High School.

The Museum of Archaeology displays original finds from the Paleolithic period (around 100,000 years BC) to the Middle Ages (VII-VIII centuries), many of which are of great importance for the archaeology of Europe and the world. Here is the largest Mesolithic collection of flint tools in Southeast Europe, the largest collections in Bulgaria of ancient terracotta, tombstones, lamps and glass vessels.

Address: 9000 Varna, 41 Maria Luisa Blvd.

Website: Museum of Archaeology - Varna

Golden Sands Beach

Famous for its wide beach covered with fine golden sands which gave the name to the resort itself, Golden Sands beach is 3.5km long and attracts thousands of guests every year. From the yacht port on the north the beach stretches along Golden Sands resort to "Riviera" holiday club to the south. 

In addition to the walkways to the beach, the resort pedestrian alley stretches along the beach making it easier for guests with disabilities to reach it.

Website: Golden Sands Beach

Naval Museum - Varna

The Naval Museum - Varna is one of the most visited sites in Bulgaria. More than 6 million tourists have passed through its doors to view its rich collection of naval weapons and ship equipment. It is located in the Sea Garden of Varna. The museum has over 100,000 exhibits, distributed in 12 halls. The most valuable among them is the torpedo boat "Daring". The yacht "Cor Caroli" of captain Georgi Georgiev, who is the first Bulgarian to travel around the world on his own, is also exhibited here.

In 1959 the museum conducted the first in Bulgaria underwater archaeological research in the area of ​​Cape Kaliakra. And 35 years later he became a member of the World Organization of Maritime Museums.

Address: Bulgaria, Varna 9000, 2, Primorski Blvd.

Website: Naval Museum - Varna