• Theory of war and martial arts
  • Theoretical aspects of strategic leadership
  • Defence, defence capabilities and crisis management
  • Management systems
  • Weapons and ammunitions
  • Combat equipment and systems
  • Logistics equipment, property and materials
  • Nuclear, chemical and biological protection and ecology
  • Combat insurance
  • Communication systems and technologies
  • Radar and radio navigation
  • Informatics and information technologies
  • Cyber-security, cryptography and information security
  • Economic aspects of defence
  • Military-political research
  • Human factor and medicine
  • Military standardization, quality and certification
  • Tests and control measurements
  • Education and educational standards

Important Deadlines

Deadline for sending the full text of the reports: April 30, 2021


The International Conference on Advanced Research and Technology for Defence (ARTDef) is an annual scientific forum for the presentation of research and technology policy in the Ministry of Defence and the Bulgarian Army, aimed at the effective use of scientific achievements to build and maintain the necessary defense capabilities of the Armed Forces.

Participation in the conference is free.

orking languages – Bulgarian and English.

The conference in 2021 will be hosted by Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy.


  • Armaments Policy Directorate - MoD
  • Georgi S. Rakovski National Defence College
  • Military Medical Academy
  • Vasil Levski National Military University
  • Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy
  • Georgi Benkovski Air Force Academy
  • Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Bulgarian Defence Institute

VENUE: Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy, Varna, 9002, 73 Vasil Drumev str.
PHONES (central): +359 (52) 632 015; +359 (52) 552 222
PHONE (conference): +359 (52) 552 243
E-MAIL: artdef [at]

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